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Originally Posted by gts
haha lue lock down defender? nevermind if you think he's a lockdown defender this conversation is pointless..

he makes below average money because he's a below average player, he has below average numbers because he's a below average player he plays below average minutes because he is a below averge player...

12 years in the league..

he has 9 blocked shots in 12 years his career average is "ZERO" what a lockdown defender!

he has never averaged 1 steal per game, never, not in 12 years (0.6 career)

1.8 total rebounds career

his turnover rating is 3 times his total blocks and steals added together

what does he do? he scores 9 points a game on 43% shooting so even his offense is below average...

once again theres a reason this guy is used as filler in trades and gets moved from one team to another, he's a below average player, he's cheap and you can fill your roster with him and his his below average salary

Lol this is funny because when its about Smush Parker averaging 2 steals, Stats dont mean anything at all and yet When I'm talking about the beautiful defense that Tyronn plays on guys like iverson in very intense situations, he doesnt put up steals and blocks and thats bad defense from him?

Im talking about him tiring out the other team's starting PG. We have seen him do it before. I can honestly say if we sign him and tell him he is here for defense, he would go back to that same D he played on iverson.

If you want to bring up Offense, I believe derek fisher is somewhere between 38-41% Career on field goals. He started out extremely hot this year but now cant buy a basket the last several games. He's very one dimensional, and can't make a layup to save his life.

Please, can you show me Fisher's layup percentage from

The man is very 1 dimensional and Jumpshooters do not last come playoff time because they cool off, and they will keep shooting, giving the other team more opportunities to run against us.
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