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Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Can someone refresh my mind a bit.

Because I remember him but FROM what I remember is this

And fish has D.
Why are WE worried about guarding other teams???
OTHER Teams should be worried about guarding OUR team.
Mr. 24, Lamar, Bynum, Pow pow gasol,

I could of stopped at kobe.

And if we ever needed someone to guard another teams guard.
Phil could just let that number 24 guy have the assignment

oh sure,

1 play where Tyronn actually recovered pretty well and Iverson making a tough shot. You're forgetting it's allen Iverson. One of the greatest ballhandlers in the game finally got a shot on Lue.

The point is at the time, Iverson had to work for ALL hist field goal attempts.

Tyronn played good enough D to tire iverson out then Kobe had his chances to Stuff Iverson dirty.

For you to pull out that youtube video really has no proof of Tyronn being a guy that gets owned but rather that Iverson is so great at what he does. Thats why we need Tyronn back, to make iverson WORK!
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