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Originally Posted by Mathius
You can't ask these questions on ISH, RBP. These idiots will just respond with, "It's a business", or "David Stern doesn't have the power to stop a move, it's not his job". bleah bleah bleah

These guys don't understand what it's like to spend over a decade of your life following a team, and then having it taken away with nothing you can do about it.

They can't understand that kind of loyalty, or the betrayal that takes place when an owner moves a team.

I've said it before, the NBA can block this move if they really wanted to. The Supersonics are a registered trademark of the NBA, and the players are members of the NBA players association. Without those two things, the owners are the owners of nothing.


thanks man. ALL support is appreciated

the questions must be asked-- it doesnt mean i will agree with some responses. besides the local seattle papers, this is the most influential article on the move that has come out

i have really been following the sonics since the 1970-1971 season--- that is 37 years!

unfortunately, the owners just look out for their own self interests and will more than likely vote for the move if it comes to that

i believe mark cuban has publically given his support against a move though
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