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Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
If I understand correctly, the good people of WA voted against new stadium funding...not once but twice. Stadium funding is very commonly a public-private venture. The City/State officials sent two different proposals to a vote. Both were shot down.

You don't understand it correctly. Let my quote myself:

Bennet asked for a $500 million arena, 3 miles outside of the city, when KeyArena was built less than 13 years ago, and the city has offered a $200 million renovation deal if it was co-funded.

To put those numbers in perspective, the cost of Seattles 50,000+ seat baseball stadium with a retractable roof was less than $100 million. That Bennet demanded a half billion dollar arena miles from anywhere is beyond rediculous.

It'd be like if the owners of the Lakers demanded that the city of Los Angeles pay for a billion dollar arena in Ventura or they were going to take the team to Boise.
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