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Default Foster Wants To Retire As a Pacer

When asked:

Would you feel satisfied spending your entire career in Indiana even if it meant that you would not achieve the goal of obtaining a championship, like Reggie Miller? I ask this because in the current state of the Pacers, it does not look like they will achieve that level within the amount of time that you might have left in the tank.

And replied with:

A. Obviously, it's every player's goal to win a championship and recently we've fallen on I guess you'd say harder times than we've had in the past, but I have no intention as long as I have anything to do with it of leaving this organization. It's my goal, if we can get back to championship form before I'm done to do that. If not, it's to help in any way possible to get it back to where, some day in the near future, we can compete for a championship again.

What a class act.
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