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Default Re: Semi-interesting Kobe note

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
against Portland last night, he had 5 assists in the 1st qtr., NONE the rest of the night.

against Miami the other night, he had 6 assists in the 1st qtr., just 2 the rest of the night.

I noticed in a couple other games, he comes out the same way, then no more assists. Portland beat us. Miami made a little comeback (when they should have been blown out).

why is this?
I will be curious to see if this trend continues tomorrow against Dallas.

Hmmmm did it occur to you that in Portland he DID pass the ball to guys who were wide open but couldn't hit a shot....thanks D-Fish.

Same type of thing against Miami, but then he realized the guys were ice cold and he had to be more aggressive and take over offensively.

Watch a replay of the games and you will see what really happened.
To get an assist, someone has to be able to make a shot.....right!!!!
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