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Default Re: Semi-interesting Kobe note

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
against Portland last night, he had 5 assists in the 1st qtr., NONE the rest of the night.

against Miami the other night, he had 6 assists in the 1st qtr., just 2 the rest of the night.

I noticed in a couple other games, he comes out the same way, then no more assists. Portland beat us. Miami made a little comeback (when they should have been blown out).

why is this?
I will be curious to see if this trend continues tomorrow against Dallas.

Its usually how the defense reacts. For the start of the game when Kobe has the ball, he usually gets doubled immediately so he dishes off.

When the other team finally realizes the whole team is contributing, Kobe isn't doubled as much, then guys like Kobe and Gasol start being more aggressive driving in for points and such.

its usually how we react to the defense.

but yeah I would like him to be more consistent throughout the game.

He could easily average 10 if he wanted to the rate he gets those assists early.
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