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Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
first of all, useless crappy article by a horrible sports reporter. He had nothing substantive to say, then presented a bunch of letters from fans.

second, I'm having a little trouble feeling sorry for Seattle. If I understand correctly, the good people of WA voted against new stadium funding...not once but twice. Stadium funding is very commonly a public-private venture. The City/State officials sent two different proposals to a vote. Both were shot down.

Yeah, a few other facts for you. Seattle has funded with tax payer dollars 2 other state of the art facilities in recent years. enoughs enough. and as beautiful as both the other two stadiums turned out, both state of the art, neither even approached 550 mill.

When the list of demands are closely studied, its very obvious that Clay Bennet designed his proposal in such a way that he KNEW Seattle could do nothing but turn it down. Its been his plan to move the team right from the start. This is not just sports paranoia talking. Someone in his own buyers group let this slip to a media person, actually stated that it has always been there plan all along, and then had to back peddle later when he was blasted behind closed doors for having a big mouth.

There are so many lvls to the unfairness of whats happening that u really cant see it unless u get your nose into it and study whats happening. In a nutshell...

1.) A team with a long standing history in the nba that has always been self sufficient and well suported is being moved for no other good reason than a owners " because i want to." explanation.

2.) The market the owner wants to move the team to is a MUCH smaller market ( statisticly proven. ) So given 1 and 2, how is this a sound descision based on good business?

3.) Even though the city of Seattle has already twice had its arm twisted into funding new stadiums ( 3 times if you count the less than 13 year old 200 million dollar renovation to the Sonics current arena.) Clay Bennet decided that it didnt matterthat his teams arena is still one of the newer buildings in the league. He demanded that not just a new one be built, but an extremely expensive one even by todays pro sport standards. AND he had to have it built in a very specific spot that made no sense to ANYONE but himself. Why? Because it was never his intention to stay in seattle. he wanted the proposal to be shot down.

4.) We have a commish who not only didnt stand up and defend one of the teams in his league when it was being hijacked, he didnt stand up for a 40 year NBA city as it was being CONNED by a new owner who publicly stated that he had NO intention of ever moveing the team, he instead JUMPED ON BOARD with the new ownership and HELPED twist Seattles arm that much harder. Its interesting that we now hear that David Stern has been friends with Clay Bennete for years.

So...we have a NBA city with fans that have always suported there team. A team that has never "struggled" to make it financially in the NBA, that is being moved to a much smaller market by a owner who promised he would never move the team. In a effort to appear to make every effort to keep the team in Seattle he presents the city with a "plan" to keep the team in Seattle. The plan however is revealed to be ludicrous at best. Someone in the new ownership group lets it slip that the plan had ALWAYS been to move the Sonics right from the start. The NBA commissioner plays the part of accomplice and actually AIDS at all turns the efforts of the new ownership to move the team. Move it from a already sucsessfull market.

I know this was very long, but i just wanted to make some kind of effort for the people out there that dont know some of the more ridiculous details of this whole thing.

Pure and simple, Seattle is being ripped off. Its theft and it shoudlnt be allowed.

To the NBA, the moment the Soops leave seattle, the NBA dies to me forever. I wont watch anymore games including playoff basketball, i wont buy NBA merchandise. And I will forever trash the league in any basketball discussion that arises around me. Im quite sure im not the only person that feels this way. David Stern, for every fan the nba gains in OKC, i think you will loose at least that many in seattle. More im sure, were a larger market.
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