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Originally Posted by iamgine
Ok so we know that in business, things change fast and when the owner said he wouldn't move the team he simply lied or circumstances have change. Blah blah blah whatever, it's not very uncommon in business world.

However, what interest me is #2. What motive could the owner have moving it into smaller market? Is there anything to gain?

What' even more interesting is when you compare the relative requests:

Seattle: 3.2 million people; high attendence (even when doing poorly); sold seelout crowds to KeyArena during away games to watch the game on the JumoTron (that's a real fanbase); $500 million arena 3 miles outside of town.

OKC: 1.6 million people; good attendence during Hornets stay; ~$90 million arena inside town.

Bennet has pretty much said that Seattle has to build him an arena five times more expensive than the one he'd accept from OKC, and refuses to co-fund any of it. He's not even asking for help, he's telling them to fund it all.

My question is why a $500 million arena is the bare minimum in Seattle, but a $90 million arena is more than acceptable in OKC.

If this move goes through Stern needs to be tarred and feathered.
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