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Default Re: Kobe has 12 technicals...

What I see from this (and something I've been saying for a while) is the NBA needs to realize it is 2008 and say "Hey, we should have instant replay for our refs". Not all those are Kobe's fault. There have been some really shady calls lately. The thing is it doesn't always involve Kobe. If there was instant replay Kobe wouldn't be yelling as much. It would go to tape and the refs would double check. They are only human. They will make mistakes. That is what corrects it. David Stern, quit being a moron about this, everybody knows the networks gives the replay within a matter of seconds. The officials can see this too. It will help the NBA as a whole. It doesn't slow the game down. Seriously, would Kobe getting thrown out of a game or a ref checking a play slow down the game more. There's enough commercial breaks already. Just figure it in. To me, as a fan, it makes the game more exciting, because the refs don't have to go to making a "make up call". It will make things more fair. There's no way it can't.
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