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Default Re: Semi-interesting Kobe note

ever since he lost the nutella contract he just hasn't been the

dk and bleedin both make good points and i imagine like dk said it's someplace in the middle....

not about kobe per se..but i also wonder how many times we watch games and because we don't know the behind the scenes of it all we make judgements based on the only info we have which is game time play... an example is last month i think it was turiaf had been a monster then in one game he hardly played at all in a time of the game we really needed him and we all sat and watched as kwame fubled the ball and generaly was unimpressive...the next day we were all over phil for not playing turiaf and then a day or two later we find out turiaf had been playing on a tweaked ankle and struggling....

we all know phil is one who tends to build for the playoffs and i wonder if some of these things are not as much kobe, but phil tweaking the team, using games as practice sessions, pretending bynum is there and using sets that will be used on his return, or possibly even just making sure at this time of the year he's going out of his way to make sure we don't give opponents to much to study on film...
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