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Default Re: Official PimpCast: Mavericks vs. Lakers, 3/2/08, 12:30PM PST, Staples Center

Originally Posted by Ceballos
It boggles my intelligent mind why Phil refuse to allow his players to foul anyone inside the arc...or guard anyone outside the arc near the end of the game. What a dumbass idiot this coach is.
here's why... phil answered this after the game...
he allows them to foul after the ball is put on the floor, his rule in crunch time is never foul a player who hasn't comitted to the drible... why give up a and1 4 point play from behind the arc that can lose the game for you or a and1 three point play that can tie the game.. he went on to say he told odom, don't foul until the ball hits the floor, don't foul a three point shot and if the ball crosses the arc towrds the paint on the dribble they were all told to foul the shooter... so when you look at the play the guys did what they were told, don't foul the shooter on a three..wise move a tie is better than a loss

i'll add to that, we'd rather see the other team beat us with a shot then we beat ourselves with a foolish play... you are assuming the refs will get the play correct, and i think phil has seen enough games to know you don't put yourself into the position where the refs will be a deciding factor.. seems to me phils plan is to make sure the refs are not a factor in the final play of regulation
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