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Bump. Please dont let this thread die. Weather people recognize it or not, this story is probably the most important story in the NBA right now. It goes beyond effecting Seattle. EVERY small to mid-market teams should be very worried.

Does your team fan base support their team even during the lean and rebuilding years?

Is you local government more than willing to work with ownership to help keep the team at the top of the list as far as team facilities and extra income goes?

Does your team have a LONG history with the NBA including a championship?

Seattle gets a check mark in all three of those catagories. Yet, it hasnt mattered. Despite the positive check marks ownership apears to have zero interest in staying, to the point of accepting offers from OKC that is less than half of what seattle offered.

Its not bull guys, if it can happen in Seattle, it can happen to you to.

Please keep this thread alive.
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