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Default Lakers need to get their offense in gear

About the last 4-5 games the offense has looked sloppy, they still have been scoring points but against lesser teams. They struggled against Dallas who has a solid D. Come playoff time they will have to run the triangle much more than they have. It seems like when they run the pick and roll the other 3 players stand and watch, and teams seem to be collapsing in the paint. There has been no ball movement or spacing which will be key against the Spurs come playoff time. Things were to easy for a while and they have somewhat lost focus on offense. They have been cold from 3pt land but that won't last, I also think they get better looks from 3 out of the triangle. I know here I am complaining as we are 42-18 I just want them to clean-up offensively because teams play D on another level in the playoffs. Obviously thats an area the Lakers will have to improve on also. Ps When I say teams in the playoffs I'm really only thinking about the SPURS
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