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Default Re: how long before Farmar is starting again?

Honestly, I think farmar should be the starter. But Fish is steady so i'm fine with him starting. Hes been slumping a little as of late but probably just wear and tear of the amount of games we have been playing.

But I really think farmar thrives and makes our bench go. He is playing with guys who can run and play with high energy. I think he is a better facilitator, which is why I think he helps our bench out a lot. I think with Fish's skillset, hes better suited with our first team bc kobe, LO, gasol all can pass. Fish just needs to hit open jumpers.

In time Farmar will take the reins. But I wouldnt mind him playing a Manu type role for us as a "6th man" where he comes off the bench with the other bench players but gets more PT than just a bench player. He really elevates the game of our bench players IMO
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