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From a story on ESPN tonight...

"The Sonics are in Seattle, and the Sonics can stay in Seattle. That's in the hands of Seattle," Williams said. "Seattle can still keep their team if they're willing to do what it takes to pay for it.

"It's not ours to win. It's Seattle's to lose."

This sums up the steam rolling that seattle is receiving. We can keep the Sonics if only were willing to step up and do our part.

OKC just voted and approved the moneys for a 121 million improvement to their arena. But to "step up" and do what we should to keep the Sonics were asked to pay 550 million and have the arena built outside of town? Its very interesting that OKC's 121 million is just fine. But seattle's already offered 250 million is just not NEARLY enough to interest Cash-us Clay.

I wonder if OKC would have passed a vote for 550 million. considering the margin of victory, i seriously doubt it.

Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Sad. Underhanded. deceitful. Shameful.

Shame on you Clay bennet. But even more so, SHAME ON YOU DAVID STERN. Your the biggest shyster of all. Bennets a common crook. But your supposed to be thinking of the league and whats best for it. An NBA team in OKC is better for the league than the larger market its spent the past 41 years in? laughable. Shame on you David Stern.

I think weve lost our team already. BUT what really makes me angry is people like that guy from OKC trying to make it sound like if we loose the team then its our own fault. nothing could be further from the truth and I AT LEAST want the world to know that Seattle is not at fault here. That Seattle is a wonderful sports city that dearly loves its teams.

Its not like we havent been down this road before. Outside ownership has tried to take both the mariners and seahawks away from us. The city and people of this area responded in force and we saved two teams that were on the brink of leaving. now both those teams are solid gold here and will probably never leave.

And lets not forget that we have the mariners because one of our states politicians SUED when the old seattle pilots were moved out without warning and became the milwaukee Brewers. So thats 3 times we HAVE done the right thing and saved our teams.

We want nothing more than to do the same thing in this case. but were talking to a wall. A lying crooked cheating wall that has had an agenda right from the start.

Clay Bennet and Daniel Stern, Im buying the lakers and relocating them to Olympia washington. Then i was thinking about buying the Red Sox and moving them to Eugene Or.

Why not? its just a little history were destroying. and after i do that, and someday die, ill have my lunches in Hell, right along side Clay and David. ( In a little cafe ran by Art Modell and Robert Irsay. )

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