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Default Re: Hypothetical Scenario: Pistons go after Brand

Turn Stuckey into a SG? no thanks.

Why would you send Rip away first? Wouldn't there be a logjam at the 4?

Brand isn't going to lead anyone to a championship. Sending Rip away would hurt team chemistry really badly - these guys are a family. Haven't you seen when Chauncey introduces the team, he calls Rip "The best shooting guard in the world"?

Give the rookies another year to grow before killing the future. This is a good squad.

Much of this depends on how we fail to make the Finals, but why not let Boston age another year, playing heavy minutes, while we keep both our veteran and young squad growing? Our team has two entirely different looks that it gives every night. It's a GMs dream.

If they don't win it, then that's okay. Until we fail to make the NBA Final Four, then I think the squad must be kept together. They stay healthy (unlike Brand), they are a family, and they produce well for the most part.

If the papers were calling for a change, I'd consider bringing Rip and McDyess off the bench again, ala San Antonio with Ginobili. We have too many options at once, and it'd be nice to start a defensive SG like Afflalo and an energy big like Maxiell. I'd only recommend this if they fail to make the ECF, though.
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