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Originally Posted by kobesabi
That's the keyword "couple of good games". Not majority of the games. If it's that bad, why is Phil still putting him in the start up or use him more than other guys. Where shots I think Turiaf could have nailed it better than him.

They have been starting him because of all their injuries. Vlad was out, Ariza is uncertain, not to mention Luke has not been 100% at all in some time. But yea maybe they should start turiaf, get Odom used to playing the 3 when Bynum comes back

Originally Posted by kobesabi
Yeah, Lamar did seem to struggle with Artest...especially when he can't guard him and trail behind him like what Nash did to Smush and the rest of the rookies back then. I hope he works hard to figure out what tactics to conquer those weakness..

Artest was just on fire. If you watch Odom defending Artest, he was playing him very well. Sticking to him and keeping in front of him. A lot of shots artest made on Odom were just great shots. Some plays he couldnt defend any better. I dont think Turiaf wouldve done much better.
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