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Default Re: Hypothetical Scenario: Pistons go after Brand

I think that creates much of the same problem the Pistons already have. They would have 2 power fowards and no real center. That's one of the reasons I like the Ratliff signing. At least that is the position he plays and he can play some defense and block shots off the bench. Maxiell, McDyess, and Wallace are all PF's. I've said from day one they need more down low. I don't think gutting the team to get brand is the way to go. Maybe a center like Krstic from NJ would be a good fit. Let's face it we just don't match up well with Cleveland because Lebron goes to the lane at will against Detroit since Ben hasn't been down there. We need a guy down there to clog up the lane a bit. I am hoping Ratliff will be a band-aid for that this year but he is old and we could use a younger guy down there. Maybe trading up for someone in the draft??? I don't really know what the solution is at this point but I am happy with the team. They have a shot for the best record in the league and we can't be disappointed in that. Rip and Chauncey need to be together for the rest of their careers much like Isiah and Joe D. Having the best back court in the league is definately something I'm not willing to mess with.
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