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Default Re: Smush And Kwame Don't Get Minutes for the 2 Worst Teams in the League.

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Why would you want to sign Kwame for anything???
We have Pau, Bynum, Turiaf and Mihm who can all play Center if least in a pinch.
If Kwame gets these 2 surgeries i'll gladly welcome him back;

A brain transplant & a dual hand transplant.

i would also sign him for vets min if possible, however i think that he will be signed somewhere else for bigger $.
currently we do not have a real big body. I love Gasol, but he has weak D on stronger guys. Mihm is injury prone, Turiaf is just to small. Bynum still out whatsmore im not convinced to his D abilities
Brown would be usefull on defence. Whatever You say about Brown - he was big. For me, taking into cons current LA roster, i would take brown>turiaf and also > mihm.

Lack of real solid interior D is currently our biggest weakness
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