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Default Re: Hypothetical Scenario: Pistons go after Brand

Originally Posted by final.wrath
Our current problem is our lack of inside offense. We rely on jumpers too much. When you're hot you're hot, and when you're cold you lose. With some consistent inside offense (sheed is mostly a jumpshooter)... our team would be pretty unstoppable.

You're absolutely right - when we make shots, our defense can get back and set, force the opposing team to play half court, and usually force a tough shot. We rebound, start our offense again, and the cycle repeats itself.

When we miss and the opposing team likes to run, they can get past our older starting lineup. It makes our guys look bad, although they're actually a fantastic starting unit. I believe they're the highest +/- starting unit in the league. (EDIT: Not anymore, we're now 2nd. ) Still, other teams can go on runs because we don't have great transition defense.

We've won 72.1% of our games this year (current through our loss in Boston) using our jump shooting offense. If our games were decided based on our jump shooting and we win almost 3/4 of them, then I'm happy with that. Let's take that 72.1% into the playoffs and roll the dice.

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