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Default Re: So Far / So Good for the Trade.

I'm liking the trade so far for two reasons:

#1. We got rid of Larry Hughes
Never was a fan of his, and he was a major mismatch. Would much rather have Wally or Devin or Sasha out there in his place.

#2. The Cavs are very deep now
If you look at the Cavs roster you can go 11 deep with quality players, and we have added some experience.

Cavs bench:


11th man:
Damon Jones

That's solid at every position, with a great shooter in Damon as an added bonus. That kind of depth could really make a difference in the playoffs, and while the likely matchup with the Celtics will be tough, it is possible. Cavs are better in the playoffs than they are in the regular season, and the most clutch team in the league this year.
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