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Originally Posted by SoCalMike
well done gts... i could not agree more. if people want to talk honest hoop, i agree that they are more than welcome and we should all be civil and respectful and not let ourselves get caught up in the trolling and aggressive behavior in the mosh pit also known as the main forum. lol

I have really been a pest to jeff lately in the main forums..i'm reporting trolls left and it's so bad in there between some of the kobeguys and lebron guys, then stir in the few random ones and it's just

we certainly have a nice thing going on in here lakers land...i been posting alot about the mvp award in the main forums and really have had some great debate with a couple really great cavs fans... then you go to the cavs forums and it's dead because there's really only like 3 or four real cavs fans on ish...

so i figured hey, statman posts in here as does qrich so why not a cavs fan
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