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Default Re: Hypothetical Scenario: Pistons go after Brand

Originally Posted by final.wrath
over 7 games we've seen what happens to the pistons attack. the opponents learn all our plays by heart and it turns into a defensive series.

Jump shooting teams are more resistent to this than other teams. We can scout teams that throw the ball into the post and adjust. We can scout teams that penetrate, or don't go left, or whatever the case may be. This happens to all teams, and it's no different if we have Brand, Rip, or Maxiell. The advantage with Rip is that in order to counter his defense, the other team has to run around like crazy to stop it. With Brand, they just need to put a bigger body on him. Brand is not worth max money, just because he's put up numbers on a bad team.

When there's spacing on the floor, they may be able to predict where passes are thrown, but our players are able to read defenses on the fly better than most teams because of chemistry.
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