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Default An idea

I kinda stole this from the topic in the main forum about KG.

There have been many rumors about KG being moved bla bla over the past couple of years and now it seems like it's a real possibility. But usually noone can come up with a trade because MIN would want some good youngsters with potential and possibly draft picks. In come the Celtics. I was thinking, wouldn't we be the perfect trade partners? Maybe we could move Al Jefferson, #7, with some other players and picks? I don't know. It seems like we would be able to get KG while keeping Pierce because of all the young talent we have. I'd like to see KG and Pierce together in Boston if possible( ).

Do you guys think a trade like that is possible? And do you guys think it would be beneficial or do you think we should stick to developing the young talent and not mess around with that?
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