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31 year old Bryant, 22 year old Bynum, 29 year old Gasol...and a MUCH better supporting cast will be a greatert dynasty then we witnessed back with a prime Shaquille.

There I said it, and I definitely's a shame Drew got injured, he was putting a giant smile on my have no idea how many arguments I've had with people regarding NEVER trading Bynum, I've said since day one kid is untouchable "You're stupid man, we should trade him for Kidd this instance."

What do those people have to say to me now? Not a damn thing. They wouldn't even trade Bynum for Kidd straight up let alone include Odom in the mix.

Can't wait till out big comes back, not only does our defense and rebouding improve...but our boy Pau Gasol will be a new Odom, he'll be so much more comfortable at the'll just make our team that much more dangerous.

It's a shame Ariza isn't coming back this season (possibly), I like him a lot more then Walton or Radmanovic...those guys are liabilities defensively.

But then again our defense will improve significantly at the 3 and 5 spots when Bynum comes back because our starting 5 will be Fisher, Bryant, Odom, Gasol and Bynum.
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