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Default Re: Hughes and his "curious comments......"

I just look at this as him trying to say something to justify his poor play in Cleveland, and he just made himself sound like an a$$.

I really don't think he meant any of that to come out the way it did, he was just trying to make himself look a little better, and failed miserably and ended up making himself look worse.

Hughes can't be the smartest guy in the world, or he wouldn't take such bad shots all the time.

Clearly he's an idiot, which explains that dumb look on his face all game long.

Bulls fans think he's taking off in Chicago, but he's doing the same thing he did in Cleveland. One night he has 20 on good shooting, the next night he's 4-17.

He's an awful, VOLUME, shooter, who relies on taking a LOT of shots to get his scoring up, because the guy can't shoot, and is either too stupid, or too scared, to drive to the basket.

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