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Default What team would be the Laker's worst nightmare in the first round playoffs?

Who do you think might be the worst or toughest matchup in the first rnd for the lakers?

Figuring that we'll most likely finish in the top 3.

we'll most likely face these 5 teams. Houston, Dallas, Golden state, Denver, Phoenix.

I think the worst matchup might be Dallas. THey have lost 3 straight, but by the way they played us last sunday. We'll need to be on top of our game. Plus they have the best chance out of all these teams to take us to 7.

Phoenix would be a tough matchup too. Amare always plays well in the playoffs. He would own either bynum if he can come back or Gasol. We have to remember Gasol has never done well in the playoffs. Plus Nash is gonna run **** this could go to 7 also.

I think Houston will start to slow down after a while. Plus T-Mac has never won in the playoffs.

Denver just isnt good enough to match up with us

Golden State could be tough too, they run up and down the court all day long. Plus you never know how well or poor baron davis will play.

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