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Default Re: What team would be the Laker's worst nightmare in the first round playoffs?

I think this years Western conference playoffs will be the most exciting in recent memory. I have never seen this many "great" teams put together in one bracket.

I would say that the team the Lakers would be "difficult" to match up against would be the Spurs. They have played together for years. The Lakers have not been battle tested yet. I want to see how Ariza and Bynum change the dynamic of how they are playing.

That being said - I do not see anyone beating the Lakers in 7 games. NOBODY. Definitely no one in the East.

Hey - whatever happened to the clown that said "the Suns will win the Championship". They are 3 and 6 since the Shaq trade and are looking up in the standings. Hell, at this pace they won't even make the playoffs. Bring Jim Mora in ---- "Playoffs? Are you kidding me? PLAYOFFS!!!"

Mr. Kerr, you are starting to look stupid for this deal. Marion would have made your team better - but you decided to give it up for an old, tired Shaq. Great job and thanks for handing the Lakers the division and a top seed!
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