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The main forum is now almost unbearable. I visited three different times tonight. Each time, I found that the threads had descended farther and farther into a black hole of nothingness conversation.

Basically, 'my favorite player is god and yours sucks.' That is the argument going back-and-forth between these fools.

I will keep a close eye on this forum, as it seems there are an abundance of interesting, insightful conversations going on, here.

I'm starting to fear for ISH, though. It has gotten REALLY bad in the main forum. I don't know if it is due to the rise of the Lakers and Celtics? It seems that this season is way worse than it has been in seasons past. The only thing that I can find to correlate what has happened to the main forum is that a bunch of new, WORSE trolls than we have ever had on this site completely saturating what was, at one time, a respected forum.

They are mostly Laker and Celtic trolls, but there are some LeBron trolls, too (as we all know). The sheer numbers are what is frightening, though. It used to be that trolls were in the minority and laughed off of the site by the regulars.

Now, these losers take over EVERY thread and good posters who want to engage in civil, intellectual discussions are being cornered by these fools.

It is sad to see a once terrific site, rife with interesting discussions/threads being deduced to 20 pages devoted to 'why Kobe sucks' or 'LeBron does nothing but dominate the ball.'

I feel like we've really lost something, here. Why isn't Jeff doing a mass spring cleaning? I hate to say it, but I'm going to start looking for alternate NBA sites to discuss my beloved sport if this sh!t doesn't stop soon. It is intolerable and the moderators are doing nothing to control it.

Is anyone with me, here?
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