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Default A Fan Can Only Take So Much

I'm about as loyal a Pacers fan as you're gonna find, anywhere. But a guy can only take so much. This kinda hurts me as a fan. I mean, wow. Our guy, Jermaine O'Neal, playing his way outta town, same with Tinsley, doesn't even want to try for us anymore. Our young, up and coming guy in Shawne Williams busted for pot in the summer. Always hearing about Tinsley in and out of court hearings, then involved in ANOTHER shooting. David Harrison suspened for weed, someone getting raped in Quis' house. Williams housing a murderer. Harrison throwing sh*t in the locker room, suspended again. And this is all in the last 8 MONTHS! Holy hell! This is hard to take. I've pretty much turned a blind eye to everything since the brawl, but this is just so disheartening. The only brightspots on the team are the emergence of Dunleavy and Granger.

Go Pacers?
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