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Default Re: A Fan Can Only Take So Much

I think ISH's front page said there should be a big shakeup this summer. If that's true, then I wonder if they'll try and get another draft pick. I think this year's class could really help Indiana. Need a shooter? You can get that with Italy's Danilo Gallinari, who should be a good player. Need a center? I can name five that I think will go in the top 20. Tinsley needs to be replaced? Pacers are in range to get Jerryd Bayless, or with luck from the lottery balls, Derrick Rose. Diogu isn't enough at PF? Well you'll have to wait till next year's draft . I agree, you guys have taken a lot this year, and hopefully a shakeup does take place. First step should be to get rid of Harrison and perhaps O'Neal. Oh, and didn't someone want a big man that can shoot? Enter Kosta Koufos. Good chance for Indiana to get 1 or 2 good players in the draft.
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