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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Come on, gts (and other Laker fans). I was invited to this forum to talk some basketball. I wrote a well thought out post about the MVP talks (I have a hard time getting into serious Laker conversations, because I don't know THAT much about them) and I have been patiently waiting for a response.

Patience no more... Bring it...

I agree with you. Noone watches these games and they'll look at the record since the acquisition of a certain player (i.e. Garnett to Bos) or they'll look at winning percentage (Dirk on Dal last year). Its stupid.

The MVP award stands for most valuable PLAYER! it shouldn't be team effort and the only qualification should be that your record is above .500 and that the player is obviously dominating the most.

Now...being a Kobe fan I would tell you that I was extremely pissed a few years ago when he averaged 35 ppg and didn't win, and actually finished 3rd or 5th in voting. Right now Lebron is in the same situation and I would actually call LBJ the MVP of this season but because of the way the media portrays how an MVP should play, Kobe better win it otherwise they're out to get him and it would probably be too obvious to any retard as well.

Anyways bro im done venting, keep posting.
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