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Welcome to the Laker forum, RedBlackAttack. Thanks for participating and I definitely hear you regarding the trolling that is going on in the mosh pit called the NBA forum. (i like that line.. haha) I have noticed it a lot as well, and I have reported bad behavior and even told Laker trolls to knock it off at times, but it does not do any good... people I guess are going to behave the way they want to, no matter what.

And as Sword said, if the mods don't have the power to deal with the problems, they are rendered ineffective. And Jeff clearly does not have the time to police every thread. I guess that is part of the price of having a free forum for us to play in. I agree with gts that the few other sites I have seen don't have the volume and quality of knowledgeable posters (aside from the trolls).

Personally, I think we have something special in the Laker forum with some really good people that all get along pretty well. I am glad to be a part of it and learn stuff day in and day out!

Oh yeah, what were we talking about? MVP voting... got it.

p.s. if you like, feel free to introduce yourself here:

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