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Originally Posted by SoCalMike
And as Sword said, if the mods don't have the power to deal with the problems, they are rendered ineffective. And Jeff clearly does not have the time to police every thread. I guess that is part of the price of having a free forum for us to play in. I agree with gts that the few other sites I have seen don't have the volume and quality of knowledgeable posters (aside from the trolls).
The forum being free isnít the problem. Iíve posted and have even modded at free forums that give the mods more purpose than just being site janitors, and guess what, it actually works. Sure, youíll still have your average troll show up here and there, but not nearly in the numbers this site has. And as soon as a poster proves themselves to be a troll, they are booted.

Quick question- do you guys have access to this sites modcp? Thatís a real help in terms of finding altersÖÖ
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