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Default Good News for Pacers: Walsh not Retiring

Pacers' CEO Donny Walsh isn't planning to retire after all. "I decided to stay home for a weekend to see if I could take doing nothing. I went stir crazy."

Melvin and Herb Simon, who are trying to sell the team, would love to see Walsh stay put. I don't see that happening. Larry Bird has been calling the shots for two seasons. It's hard enough to turn around a team without trying to do it by committee. Ask the Clippers and Bucks.

though it doesnt neccessarily state that Walsh will stay with the Pacers, I just dont see him going anywhere else. Walsh did a lot for the Pacers. Traded Dale Davis for JO and drafted Reggie Miller for example. I really hope he can make some deals to unload JO, Tins and Murphy's contract
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