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Originally Posted by gts
btw way guys..the main forums are such a troll haven right now i have asked a couple otherposters non lakers guys to feel free to post in the lakers forums and discuss the game and such... lets make sure we let them speak their minds and give them the respect we'd expect ourselves...

Great idea. Let's just hope certain posters don't follow them here. I don't have enough money to replace the stuff I would break if KINGD were to make one of his trademark "Kobe>>>>Jordan and Magic put together" posts in here. Or PleezeBelieve and his logic-defying, Lebron-hyping forum diarrhea. This place is my asylum from the maniac trolls in the main forum.

Actually, if this place were to ever get as infested as the main forum, I would stop visiting/posting on ISH altogether.
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