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Default Re: Good News for Pacers: Walsh not Retiring

This article is by Peter Vescey. Therefore, it is probably 99% BS.

Think of this in simple business aspects. If you're going to sell the team, why would you try and do it now? The franchise is quite literally losing money yearly, has been for a few seasons now (basically since the brawl). You don't sell your product when the demand is at an all-time low.

However, this house-cleaning business the Simons have talked about could signal a possible sell in the future. Think 2011 or so. Memphis and Seattle have both cleaned house and gotten their payrolls to insanely low levels, and both franchises are up for sale. Of course, this again makes me wonder why sell when their are two other (that we know of) franchises available, both of which are in much better shape for a new owner than the Pacers.

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