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Default Re: Top 5 Soon To Be Draftees You Wanna Watch In The NBA

I agree that those guys are busts. I just meant that a guy has to really bad to be considered a bust. If someone thinks Hansbrough will play very little during their rookie contract and then are out of the league shortly after that, then he is a bust. But if you are talking about him being a rotation player off the bench for 8 to 10 years, then he isn't a bust.

And I just think the wording may be confusing. I meant that the guys taken in the lottery are going to non-playoff teams (usually) and fans expect them to lead the team to the playoffs. They have high expecations to change the course of a team from a non-playoff team to a playoff team. Guys taken outside of the lottery are taken by playoff team (usually). They are not expected to change the face of the franchise. I never said they aren't expected to help out and be a good player. If Milwaukee takes Hansbrough, Buck fans are expecting the NCAA Hansbrough, someone that will take them to the next level. If Dallas takes him, they expected a more reasonable role player. That is why I say that you need to be really, really bad to be considered a bust outside of the lottery. If you average 6pts and 3reb for 6 years for your team, you helped out and were productive. I don't think that is a bust. If you average 6pts in 45 games in your rookie contract and then go to Europe, you were a bust. I think years of service is something that should be taken into account because if you can get a guy that plays years past their rookie contract, you are getting a guy that is worth having on the team.
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