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Originally Posted by traditionone
The only people who would have that knowledge is the Lakers' coaching staff who sees his progress from day to day. They are high on him, so that means he's not a bust yet.

Sheesh, he's only 18 years old. The youngest player ever drafted into the NBA. Give the guy some time. He wasn't drafted to produce immediately or even the next 3 years or so.

In this draft, he would've been taken ahead of Patrick O'Bryant, so that means he is slotted in the top 10. Everything else would depend on how well he did in college. Top 5 if he put up good numbers. Top 2 if he had a Hansbrough like freshman season where he dominated while on the court. It's hard to say, but definitely top 10 I think.

I agree.

It's funny how the coaches keep talking about how we wont see a real development for the next few years and people are just toooo impatient.

I would rather have a team that dominates for years rather than a short winning period. what i mean by that is if we trade ur younger guys for Garnett then we will win immediately yeah, but once Garnett retires then we would just have Kobe who wouldnt be young anymore. and u would see Bynum and Odom on the other team kickin butt.

Just give em time thats allll.
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