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Default Luke...

I've said this before and it's still true. Luke Ridnour plays absolutely no D. None. I sat in the second row and watched 100 year old Bobby Jackson torch him. I know BJax is/was good, but Luke just couldn't keep up AND BJax seems to have lost a lot of his speed since the ab injury. I yelled at Hill to take him out and insert Watson but he just shot me a dirty look. True story.

He runs the offence reasonably well, but he is a big reason the Sonics had one of the worst defenses in the leage last year. At best I see him as a solid backup. Here lies the problem - the Sonics have two backups now (3 if you count Wilks, the guy we got for Flip).

Possible solutions to the Sonic's problems:

1. re-sign Wilcox
2. try to make Lewis happy
3. make trades (and better ones than the Flip for Wilks), we have good pieces. a combination of Luke/Wilks and Fortson/Collison (2 trades) could possibly land us a nice point gurad and great 6th man. If Lewis demands a trade, we can up the ante.

In conclusion, Luke is overrated and has trade value (I'd bet the Knicks would take him - but they don't have a point guard worth taking... maybe Francis)
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