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Default Re: Not happy with Anderson Varejao

Originally Posted by Mathius
I tried to tell you. We should have got rid of him. His defense sucks because he exposed himself in the playoffs last year (to the refs. the fans always knew I think) as a flopper and the refs aren't giving him the calls.


I guess I just drank the Andy koolaid that was out in full supply last year.

Really been a bad year for him. Yeah, he's still young I guess, but not THAT young. At 25, there is room for improvement, but one would figure by now that he would've started making some of those improvement.

I still think he can contribute some hustle plays and rebounds, but man.........f uckin' HATE watching that flopping sh!t.

What the hell did he spend his offseason doing? It's a gut check time for him, but Mike Brown isn't the man to deliver that message. No consequences for players who underperform.
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