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Default IF Eddie ends the season as a Grizz

His expiring contract will give the Grizzlies roughly 11 million dollars to spend on free agency, making them the number 2 contender in the free agent market behind the Charlotte Bobcats. Top possible free agents include Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups. As of right now, Memphis and Charlotte would be the only two teams able to give a decent offer to entice either of the agents to leave their current teams.

As for Vince, his contract situation isnt going along exactly real smooth, and tension has increased since Paul Pierce has already signed his extension with Boston. Depending on how things go this year in NJ, VC could be looking for a new team. Between the two teams, who as of right now have enough money to spend, Charlotte has the advantage. Not only does VC have strong roots in North Carolina, but Charlotte needs veteran scoring even with the pick of Morrison. However, the Grizz still have a shot.

My initial idea is that the best chance the Grizz have at signing an All-Star free agent is Chauncey Billups. 3 months ago this would, and may still, seem ridiculous, until we remember the Ben Wallace situation. Although drafted in the lottery instead of going undrafte, Billups' situation is very similar to that of Ben Wallace. Underappreciated throughout his career untilhe reached Detroit, and as the situation in Detroit has lost its consitency and glory, it is not illogical to think Billups might look to cash in somewhere new next season. Depending on how the Pistons do this season, I believe the Grizz have a real shot at signing the PG as Damon and Chucky Atkins will probably not return after this season. Along with an All-Star PF, Billups would be able to dp what he does best in leading a team on the court and hitting the big shots at the end of the game. Why would he come to Memphis? Besides that Memphis is very much a southern version of Detroit, it is left up to the magic in Jerry West.

I understand this is mostly hopes and dreams, but for once, the Grizz will have a great chance to do something big in the free agent market next offseason. What do you think?
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