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Default Re: what to do with our "mid-late" draft pick.

Originally Posted by kshutts1
I was thinking about the Lakers the other day, and how they will

Not worrying about salaries, how does this trade sit with you?

Sixers get: Bynum, first round pick from Lakers

lakers get: Iggy, 1st and 2nd round picks from sixers
You clearly were thinking about the Lakers. Bynum + 1st round (late first round that is) for Iguodala +1st round pick (mid-late) +2nd round pick?

Losing Philly's arguably best player for a post presence, when there's already Dalembert -who as stupid as he is, is a post presence-... Nope.

I know the Lakers pulled a hell of a deal with Gasol, but I sure hope not every GM goes Chris Wallace.

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