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Default Re: Charlotte Bobcat 2nd Round Pick

Originally Posted by m1sterb
I believe it's still the 2008 pick. What reports have you read?

"2005 second round pick (#37-Ronny Turiaf), 2008 second round pick.."

per link

I read on the Lakers (some time ago) and the Bobcats web sites that it is 2008, as well as from back on 12-6-2004. However, a couple of other sites like and state it is 2009, with some footnote regarding a 2005 "amendment". I don't know if that means the trade was amended or if the website statement was amended. I know the original announcements said 2008 and I can't imagine why the Lakers would let it slip a year due to an "amendment". Charlotte's record will improve over time, resulting in a worse pick and the Lakers surely know that.
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