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Default Re: Michael Beasley- NBA position, expectations and comparisons

Originally Posted by Make It Rain
Actually, he reminds me a lot of Al Thornton. He DOES play a lot like Melo except less athletic.

You do mean that Melo is less athletic than Beasley right? Because with all of Melo's skills, he isn't a high jumper like Lebron, Kobe, or Carter. Beasley could be the most athletic in this draft. He reminds me alot of a young Antoine Walker back in his days with Boston or Lamar Odom without the passing skills. If he lands on a team like Miami, his numbers won't be eye-popping since he'll be rebounding with Marion and scoring with Wade, so numbers like 12 and 6 wouldn't be far fetched. If he lands on a team like Minnesota who don't have much scoring and rebounding options besides Jefferson, he could easily be a 18 and 9 game in the league.
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