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Default Re: J.O. and J.T. and your team's future

Originally Posted by gasolina
Hello guys. Just want to know the general take from Pacer fans of J.O. and J.T.

Jermaine seems ready to come back but he's consistenty becoming a half a season guy now. He shoots a sucky % in BOTH his faceup jumpshots and his right and left hook shots. He still plays phenomenal defense though.

Jamal looks like he will not come back and like J.O. will probably be injured again next year. He takes some pretty ridiculous shots but is still a good passer. Just don't give him the ball in crunch situations.

How do you guys feel for those two? Are you comfortable of handing the franchise over to Dunleavy/Granger/Murphy? What about the holes in the team?

With the Stephen Jackson trade, I remember Ike Diogu was the key piece the pacers wanted. 2 years down the line, Diogu is either injured/not playing and Dunleavy/Murphy has revitalized their careers.

How does the projected lineup of:

C - Foster
PF - Murphy / Diogu
SF - Granger / Williams
SG - Dunleavy
PG - Murray / Diener

make you feel? As I mentioned it is very incomplete and doesn't have even one defensive player.
Granger and Foster are known for their defense
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