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Originally Posted by shadow
not me...still rooting against shaq to the bitter end.
And I know plenty of other laker fans who don't want to see the guy win again. and no most of them are not kobe groupies.

Okay. I'll bite. Why on earth would Laker fans not want to see Shaq win another title (and Riley I might add)?

It's either a) because it will show up the trade as disastrous in the short run b) prove either that Shaq - not Kobe - was undoubtedly the more important piece to the threepeat or that, if Shaq wasn't or if he is now slowing down, that Wade is able to do what Kobe could not against the Pistons in 2004.

I am eternally grateful to Shaq for 3 great titles. Yes, it should have been 4 or even 5, but he's not the only one to blame for that.
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