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Default Re: Should the NBA Playoffs be best 16 records, regardless of conference

Originally Posted by Psileas
They should have done it years ago, IMO. Wouldn't it be much more interesting, in 2002 for example, to have a finals' series of LAL-Sac, instead of the LAL-NJ thing? Or to have Finals' series between Boston-Philadelphia, Chicago-New York, Lakers-Blazers and so on? East-West should only be a matter of All Star Games.
The only disadvantage I think of right now is that a fair 82-game schedule will still be practically impossible and that, among else, team travels would become more tiresome, since eastern and western teams would have to face each other an equal number of times.

teams travel in chartered jets today. with the one day off between playoff games (2 to travel?) and film sessions available on flights in dvds i don't think the travel would even be that bad. hell jfk to lax today really doesn't take that long compared to teams years ago who had to fly commercial or even bus to the closer cities.

this offers the fans the best matchups and gives all teams a fair shot at winning the ring, and i think those should be top priorities of any sports league.
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