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Default Re: Should the NBA Playoffs be best 16 records, regardless of conference

Originally Posted by gts
no... what then would be the motivation for a team like atlanta, new jersey or toronto to keep playing? you'd have had teams tanking for 3 months now if the playoffs were the top 16 overall....

right now a team like toronto (just an example raptors fans) feels they may be that one player away from competing in the east as a top 4 team, in a top 16 format suddenly they are in fact 2 players away from even making the playoffs alone, and probably 3 away from making any noise if they got there and forget about being one of the two finalists...

it will balance out slowly but surely, you have 4 good teams in the east now and a couple others that are one or two players away from being contenders...

I don't know about that...I don't think anything would change in that regard because all of the sudden Sac and Portland are back in the race if anything fighting for those last couple of positions becomes more intense.

I like the idea of 1 playing 16, 2 v 15 and so on and seeing new inter conference playoff series would be good.
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